The Showroom Gallery Pop Up Shop

B:U was a vendor at The Showroom Gallery Pop Up Shop event in Charlotte, NC on N. Tryon Street – the event was different and it showed each vendors creativity.

I decided to give an illusion of a clothes-line hanger (you remember your grandma clothes hanger outside in the backyard – yeah that one) so I hung the distress denims on the back wall with rope and clothes pins. I was able to place the other B:U items on the table. I receive several compliments so I felt pretty cool. I also got several ideas from other vendors there for future vendor opportunities.

Dress Kittn was one vendor that stood out to me – she sold bold/dainty jewelry, great clothing pieces. But what caught my attention was how clean and neat her setup was. Appearance is everything to me and she won me over! She also had a email contest which was a great tactic to catch ones attention. Guess who was one of her contest WINNERS – ME! Surprisingly she’s been in business for 6 months so please check her out!

instagram @dresskittn

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The Pop Up Shop was a awesome first experience for B:U – I’ve always wanted to have one of my own. Actually being a vendor at one motivated me to have my own soon. Being that my brands name is B:U – the meaning was expressed well at that event because everyone were themselves. There was no vendor that with the same setup idea – every vendor had their own style.


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